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Graveyard Keeper

In the original Graveyard Keeper and in the Game Of Crone expansion, you are invited to live the unremarkable life of a graveyard keeper. You’ll have to burn witches for the joy of the crowd, intimidate the residents of neighboring villages, use… available resources instead of wasting money on buying meat for hot dogs during the fair… Well, everything is as usual – a sheer routine and nothing more.

General Arcade has gone to great lengths to help tinyBuild with bringing fully featured version of the game and DLC to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. So now we can confidently declare that you can play Graveyard Keeper and Game Of Crone on any platform you like!

Choose for yourself, whether you just want to keep an eye on your native cemetery, or help escaped prisoners of the Inquisition survive in the wild and provide them with everything they need in the DLC. And whichever option you pick, during the game you will definitely have to face ethical dilemmas and make many of the most controversial decisions.

Graveyard Keeper