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General Arcade

Video games engineering specialists

Who we are

General Arcade is a porting house and co-development studio based in Singapore and Malaysia. We’ve provided services for Capcom, From Software, Devolver Digital, GOG, TinyBuild, Vlambeer, The Indie Stone, Pocketwatch Games, and others. Founded in 2013, we are a team of 50 specialists.


  • Porting from any platform to any platform

    Porting from any platform to any platform

  • Co-development


  • Remastered/enhanced versions development

    Remastered/enhanced versions development

  • Performance optimization

    Performance optimization

  • Network implementation (including cross-play)

    Network implementation (including cross-play)

  • SDK/DRM integration

    SDK/DRM integration

  • Tools development

    Tools development

  • Reverse engineering

    Reverse engineering

  • Technical support and dev-ops

    Technical support and dev-ops

  • Consultations and code reviews

    Consultations and code reviews


What our clients say

Clients & Partners